About us

Welcome to the web site for Hughes and Associates, hydrographers and land surveyors.  Hughes and Associates is a small, veteran own business located in Wasilla Alaska.  Hughes and Associates provides surveying services throughout the state of Alaska and the world.  Our company prides itself on producing only the highest quality data and products for our clients.   This is accomplished through direct communication and utilizing the latest in data collection technology.  Specializing in hydrographic surveys, we have the capabilities of providing simple single beam surveys to full bottom coverage multi-beam swath bathymetry and everything in-between.  Our focus is to provide high quality, precise data in a timely and cost effective manner.  These ideals have been the cornerstone of our success from the time we opened in 1986 and continue through today.  With this level of quality and commitment we have the experience and ability to provide all of your hydrographic and land surveying needs.  Again, welcome and please feel free to contact us with any questions or needs you may have.

Who We Are

Hughes & Associates is a full service survey firm with a focus on hydrographic and bathymetric surveys. We utilize the latest in GNSS real time positioning for all of our projects from topographic upland surveys to fully integrated bathymetric multibeam surveys. Whether your project requires evenly spaced single beam coverage or 200 percent multibeam coverage Hughes & Associates has the necessary equipment. For Geotechnical projects we have the capabilities to collect the data in-house and over the years has established relationships with multiple firms that provide high quality data analysis. Hughes & Associates is also excited to announce the recent addition of ship born and vehicle mounted laser scanning to our list of data collection capabilities.

Hughes & Associates prides itself on our ability to provide the highest quality product with accuracy and precision. Our renowned efficiency allows our clients to be confident the final deliverables are of the highest quality and at a cost that is either at or significantly below (any of our competitors) larger hydrographic survey firms. Along with the quality of work our flexibility and response time in even the most unique situations has given our clients the confidence we will provide the data for their projects within the desired timeframe.